Ron Paul supporters rally at Georgia Theatre

In preparation for Tuesday’s Georgia Republican primary, Ron Paul supporters held a rally on Monday night at the Georgia Theatre in order to bring voters to the polls.

“We just wanted to have a big party,” said Leah Hollett, 28, who helped organize the rally. Hollett is one of the Jackson County coordinators for the campaign. “We wanted to ignite the existing support base and bring in people who didn’t know much about Ron Paul.”

(State coordinator for the Ron Paul presidential campaign Bill Greene tells attendants of the rally why they should support Ron Paul. Allison Love/Photo)

Paul, R-Texas, was previously a Republican presidential candidate in 2008, and a Libertarian Party presidential candidate in 1988. According to The New York Times, Paul has 23 delegates, the lowest of the four remaining Republican presidential candidates. Still, his supporters remain optimistic of the congressman’s campaign.

“I think a lot of people have a problem with Ron Paul and some of his ideas. For decades, Americans have been fed information that isn’t accurate. It’s not what the founders had in mind when they wrote the constitution,” Hollet said. “I like that he stands for limited federal government, liberty and personal responsibility,”

The rally included live performances from Radiolucent and Nathan Sheppard. Several guest speakers also spoke to the crowd, including Carter Kessler, a Paul supporter who ran for Georgia’s GOP chair, and Bill Greene, the district county coordinator for the Paul campaign. A question and answer session was also held with Greene, in which attendees called out their questions from the floor.

“When Ron Paul starts talking, it’s not about the man, it’s about the message he delivers,” Greene said in his address to the audience. “People come in and they realize that Paul has been consistent for decades and has predicted what has come to pass. And he’s still offering the same common sense solutions.”

According to Hollett, the floor space was provided free of charge and donations were collected to help Radiolucent — a band formed by Ron Paul supporters from Jackson County.

Some University students were also in attendance. Lindsey Sapp, a senior psychology major from Gainesville GA, said that she came to the event because of Paul’s differences from other candidates.

“I think that Ron Paul is a refreshing departure from the standard politician. I believe he would be a great thing for America,” Sapp said.
Hollet said the group was “realistically optimistic” about Paul’s chances of winning Georgia delegates.

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